DIY Halter Croptop




Introduction: DIY Halter Croptop

Hello Everyone, i'm new here and that's one of my DIYs that i'm gonna share with you !

Step 1: What You Need

All what you need to start is : Fabric , a pair of scisors, pins, Straps and an old shirt for measurments !

Step 2: How to Start

Fold your fabric on four , pin it all together and use an old shirt ( the shirt must be folded on two and placed on the fabric) then draw a line along with the shirt and cut !

Step 3: And Now It's Cutting Time !

After drawing and pining the fabric , you cut a long with the line you drew and that's how it will look !

Step 4: Adding a Little Detail !

After cutting, you fold the fabric on six and draw a half circle at the add of the shirt and then you cut a long with it !

Step 5: Sewing Time !

After going through all these steps now it's time to saw your croptop ! you show it only on the sides and that's how it gonna look ! then you just need to add the straps !

Step 6: TADAAAA !!!!

After adding the straps , that's your Halter Croptop !

i hope you guys enjoy , don't forget to let me now what you think about it !

Much love <3

Anissa !

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    7 years ago

    Nice and simple! Thanks for sharing how you made this. Great use for an old t-shirt! :)