Introduction: DIY Hamster Cage

This is my do it yourself hamster cage for Dustin, a djungarian dwarf hamster. I used 4 precut panels which I screwed together. For the large window I used acrylic glass which I cut in size. It's a pretty easy build, which only requires basic tools and skills.


  • 2x 80x40cm for the back and bottom auf the cage
  • 2x 80x30cm for the side/feets
  • 1x acrylic glass sheet for the front window
  • Wood screws and screwdriver
  • Box cutter
  • Acrylic glass glue, I ve used B7000

Step 1: Cage

For the cage you only need 4 panels. Use coated wood panels, as the hamster's body liquids may damage normal wood.

  1. Lay the panels on the floor. The 80x40 panels are in the middle, the smaller 80x30 panels on the side
  2. Screw the 80x30 panels to the larger panel as shown in the pictures. Use at least 2 screws on each side.
  3. Now screw the 80x40 bottom panel to all three panels. Again, use at least 2 screws on each side
  4. Fill the gaps with hot glue. Add the hot glue from the back so the hamster can't nibble on it.

Step 2: Acrylic Glass Window

You want to watch the hamster. So you need to make a see through window. The most affordable way is to use acrylic glass and cut it in size. You need 1x 80x40 and 2x 10+x40 panels. 2mm thickness is enough.

  • Cut the acrylic glass sheet in size. Use a box cutter and a steel liner. Be careful!
  • Glue the side panels first to the cage. Use glue on the inside and outside.
  • Insert the main panel in the front. Again, use glue in the inside and outside.
  • Let the glue dry.

Step 3: Interior

For the interior, you are free to decide how to decorate the cage. But your hamster needs at least caves to hide, a wheel to run, a drinking bottle and a food tray. Here are some tips:

  • I ve installed the water bottle on the acrylic glass. I used a solder iron to make a hole for the installation.
  • I used quite a lot of bedding as hamsters like to dig.
  • I also installed a sand bath (Ikea FÖRVAR)
  • I installed a second floor to give the hamster more space to run and hide.

Step 4: Finished!

Dustin, my Djungarian hamster loves his cage. I hope you liked my project too. Enjoy!