Introduction: DIY Hand, Face, or Dish Towel

Do It Yourself, sustainable Hand, Dish or Face Towel made from unwanted t-shirts and shoes.

Step 1: Grab Unwanted, Wasted T-shirt and Shoes.

Step 2: Grab Scissors, and Cut the T-shirt Into Rectangles (size of Your Choice, and Amount of Rectangles)

The more rectangles you cut out, the thicker and more absorbing the towel will be.

Step 3: Create Holes Around the Rectangle, Put the Shoelace Through

Step 4: Lace the Shoelace Throughout the Entire Perimeter of the Hand Towel.

Step 5: Draw and Cut Out Circles From the Unwanted T-shirt

Step 6: Cut Out However Many You Want (the More the Thicker and More Absorbant)

Step 7: Grab String, and Needle

Step 8: Wove the Layers of Circles Together With the String

Step 9: Repeat the Previous Steps, and Wove Rectangle Cut Outs With String