Introduction: DIY Hand Felted Journal Cover

A tutorial

We’ve been going to a lot of art, craft and flea markets the past few months and I’ve noticed a new trend of creative journal makers. Some gorgeous work from leather to fabric, even steam punk deco with gears and watch parts. Way more work than I care to do but WOW! So, I thought I could make a wet felted journal cover.

I’m not making my own paper (yet) but covering a journal was pretty simple and also fun! Just so happens that I have a bunch of leftover wet felted wool pieces and hey, who doesn’t love a pretty journal? Oh, and what a great gift idea. You could even personalize these journals with a needle felted monogram.

See the tutorial

Step 1: Supplies:

– Wet Felted Fabric (I show you How to make Felted Fabric here)

– Notebook or Composition Book

– Scissors

– Rotary Cutter

– Cutting Mat

– Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

– Ruler (I used a large Quilting Ruler)

– Yarn or leather for decoration (optional)

Step 2: Measuring & Cutting the Felt:

First, you have to decide which parts of the journal to cover. I opted to cover the entire journal, inside as well as the outside. You can go either way.

Measure your composition book and cut your felt about 1/2 inch wider on all sides. Felted wool is a tricky fabric because unless it is completely felted, it will have some movement and be stretchy. So, I decided to play it safe and cut the felt 1/2 inch larger than the composition book. I also wanted somewhat wavy edges (not ruler straight) so this gave me a little overlap to play with.

Step 3: Attaching the Felt:

Beginning with one of the inside flaps, lay out your felt and then little by little attach it with the hot glue. I ran a bead of glue along the edges and a few squiggles of glue on the inside as well.

At this point, you can cut the edges or leave them as is.

Step 4: Embellishing the Journal

If you wish, you can add some embellishments such as beads or you can needle felt a monogram to personalize your journal. I braided some yarn in coordinating colors and sewed that into the back cover. That’s it! Your beautiful felted journal is ready. Remember, these fun hand-covered journals make a great Christmas or Birthday gift.

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