Introduction: DIY Hand Strap for My New Camera

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Hello and welcome to my new build.

First, I've saved some money and second, I spent it on a new tripod and a mirrorless camera. For this I needed some accessories.

I made this hand strap for two reasons:

I didn't want to spent around 40 to 50 Euro for a ready-made one and of course I like to make things.

I set myself two guidelines:

Creating the hand strap

  • in almost one piece
  • with only stuff I've had in stock

Step 1: ​The Parts

  • Black Leather Piece
  • Washer
  • Smal Key Ring (kind of)
  • Contact Glue
  • Sissors
  • Ruler
  • Nonpermanent Pen
  • Punch
  • Rolling Pin
  • Clamps
  • Clear Tape
  • Printer
  • Paper

Please take all necessary safety precautions while working with heat, sharp objects, electricity, vapors or resulting gases, noise, bright light and whatever could endanger your health.

Step 2: ​The Paper Model

I searched all over the internet and found a picture of a popular shape for hand straps. I simplified and scaled the shape in for my purposes and printed out around three models to figure out the perfect size to fit my hand and camera and having enough room for adjusting.

Step 3: ​The Leather Piece

Leather has become my favorite material because it is easy to cut and glue.

I turned up the leather to create a double layer and a loop on the upper side. On the lower side I passed on the double layer. I clamped it, cut out the rough shape of the hand strap and punched a hole to attach the washer/key ring.

I applied a layer of contact glue, placed the washer and allowed to dry until touch dry (10 min - 15 min). I pressed the two surfaces together using as much pressure as possible by applying a rolling pin. As always I've waited 24 hours to achieve the final setting of the adhesive.

The clear tape was meant to be a temporary solution to support the outlining. But it stuck quite firmly to the rough leather surface so I didn't took it off.

Tipp: Before outlining make sure to place the paper model in the correct orientation. If you are outlining on the back side of the hand strap, the paper model's back side has to face you.

Step 4: ​The Key Ring and Washer

In my "DIY PaperCircuitSheet(PCS)-Rocket With Copper Band & LED" I took apart two cheap flashlights. I coffered the key ring from the handle and reused it in this built.

I thought a washer would give more solidity to the joint between the hand strap, key ring and the camera and prevents the leather from tearing out.

Step 5: ​The Hand Strap

After outlining with a nonpermanent pen I cut out the shape with sissors. I cleansed the remaining pen marks with a paper towel and water and attached the key ring.

Next I had to focus on the bottom connection.

Instead of making one long slot for the attachment I decided to punch three holes in the leather. That gave me enough space for adjusting and if needed I could punch more holes or even make it a slot.

I fixed the hand strap with the round pl adaptor plate for my compact action tripod video to the bottom of the camera.

Step 6: ​Thank You …

... for reading, watching and paying attention.

This built saved me a lot of money which I immediately will spent on a lens hood.

I'm very pleased how the hand strap turned out; now I feel more secure/confident when taking off the camera from the tripod.

Please let me know if you've made one as well.

Hopefully Auf Wiedersehen in one of my next instructables.