Introduction: DIY Handbag

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We are creating a sturdy handbag using suede leather cloth, this is a step by step tutorial & a video for better understanding.

The bag looks cool & stylish. It is suitable for carrying books, wallet, phone etc.

Bag is very stylish & perfect for parties & outings.

If you have a better sewing machine you can do it more easily & with a lot more perfection.

Here we are using our antique 30+ years old sewing machine, but the outcome is Awesome!!!!!!


  1. Suede Leather Pieces or any fabric: Suede Faux Leather Sheets for Handicraft DIY Projects
  2. Light cotton material for lining or interface. We have used a carry bag for this purpose. This is available at Amazon: interfacing
  3. Sewing Machine to sew it.
  4. Scissor & inch tape for measurements.

Step 1: Let's Get Started...

  • 5 Pieces 14x9''
  • 2 for front
  • 2 for back
  • 1 for bottom
  • 2.5'' space from each side for attaching the bottom piece.

Step 2: Get Ready With Your Sewing Machine.

Step 3: Stitch the Bottom Corners.

Step 4: Work on Interfacing

Step 5: Make Straps for the Bag

Step 6: Time to Join Strap & Interfacing Along With Bag

Step 7: Carefully Stitch Everything Together.

Step 8: And It's Ready...

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