Introduction: DIY Hanger Lamp

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What inspired me?

I love the unusual. The weird and the wacky. So why not make a normal object into a completely opposite object. I have seen a few products like this and needed to try it myself. So I got a hanger and began this build.

What will you need?

-wooden hanger

-18mm by 75mm by 110mm

-M7 nut, and bolt

-M7 washer X2

-8mm drill bit



-Jig saw

-7mm drill bit

-Lamp fixing

-Sanding block/paper/orbital sander

Step 1: Step 1 - the Hanger

Because this build is heavily orientated around the hanger, I first had to get this bit sorted. To do this, I rounded off one end using the sander. This made it smoother when being rotated in the base.

Once this was done, I had to drill the holes for the wire. I measured the width of the widening a basic ruler. With a 6mm width wire, I used a 7mm drill bit to drill these holes. I driller a hole 30mm from the top. A vertical hole in the centre going through the hanger, and then another hole 60mm from the bottom.

Using sand paper and an orbital sander, I attempted to get rid of any paint left on the hanger. This took around 30 minutes. If you do this, make sure to wear some sort of mask.

Step 2: Step 2 - the Base

The next part was to figure out the joint. I wanted the hanger angle to be able to be adjusted. So, I went with a simple m7 bolt to allow the hanger to swing with a little force. A wing nut would be best but I just like the look of the nuts and bolts. Using the jig saw, I cut a piece of wood to act as the base. I did this and made it 90mm by 110mm by 20mm. This needs to be a little heavy and a bit big but make sure you stay in proportion to the design.

Step 3: Step 3 - the Joint

Once the base was done, I made a piece that I could use to hold the hanger in place. I cut a 30mm by 30mm by 30mm block using the coping saw and then used the sander to sand all of the surfaces and remove the saw marks. I then drill a 8mm hole in the centre and then cut the piece in half. This ensured that the bolt would go all the way through. I placed these pieces on the design all assembled, I marked the position then took it off. I marked for a pilot hole on both pieces and then used a 4m drill bit to drill this hole. I then placed the pieces back on and drilled 10mm through it so the wood wouldn’t crack. I then used a counter sink to sink the screw heads in the bottom of the base so it wouldn’t scrape against the platform it was sitting on.

Step 4: Step 4 - Light Fixing

The next step was just the lamp fixing. I had a light fixing for this type of project. It had a 7mm diameter wire and was a 1m length lead. I unscrews the light fixing and then threaded the cable through the hanger. I then screwed the fixing back on and it was done.

Step 5: Finished

Thank you so much for reading this Instructable, even if you clicked onto the by accident thank you. Every view counts. I love these mini projects as it gives you people, my viewers a quick and simple project to try at home, please feel free to comment, follow and favourite for more amazing Summer DIY projects like this one.

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