DIY Hanging Recycled Herb Garden




Introduction: DIY Hanging Recycled Herb Garden

Make this hanging herb garden with recycled materials!!!

Step 1: Materials

Use recycled pill bottles, plastic frame w/ circular cutouts (cardboard substitute okay), string, potting soil, and herb seeds of your choice.

Step 2: Assemble

Fit pill bottles into circular cutouts.

Step 3: Create Drip Holes

Carefully puncture bottoms of pill bottles.

Step 4: Add Soil

Fill bottles with potting soil.

Step 5: Add Seeds

Add herb seeds of your choice.

Step 6: Water

Add water and thoroughly soak soil.

Step 7: Tie

Tie strings securely around each corner pill bottle; tying the loose ends together to form a loop.

Step 8: Hang

Hang and Enjoy!

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