Introduction: DIY Hardware Trawl

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We will show you how to make a trawl using 40$ supplies from any hardware store.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need the following supplies :

1) A wooden plank

2) Air conditioner Duct

3) Paint Filters (1 Pack)

4) Worm gear clamp

5) 4 round head screws

6) 4 Bolts

7) Rope

Step 2: Drill Holes Into the Wooden Plank and the Duct

Align the duct in center on one side of the wooden plank. Mark four points (two on each side) on the wooden plank and duct to drill the holes. (Image 1 & 2) (insert dimensions)

Drill two more holes in the plank (Image 3) (insert dimensions)

Step 3: Screw in the Duct Onto the Wooden Plank

Using the screws and bolts, fix the duct on the plank

Step 4: Attach the Filter and Worm Gear Clamp

Attach the filter to the duct and lock it using the worm gear clamp

Step 5: Tie the Rope

Tie the rope on to the wooden plank

Step 6: You're Ready to Trawl!

Step 7: Process Samples

Check out how to process the samples collected.