Introduction: DIY ♦Harley Quinn-esque Dress♦

My mom is getting married this Halloween and I will be the, oh so lovely, Harley Quinn!! Now I definitely wanted to wear a costume but I also wanted to dress formal so I tapped into my closet and creativity. I had a spaghetti strap red dress and a lacy topped black one that were both cute but became so much better together.
(Only took 10 mins)

Step 1: Preparing for the Madness

I literally do nothing to the red dress other than wear it under the black one which will be altered. Luckily I ended up only needing to cut ( no sew ). But that could differ based upon the two dresses.
Basically what I'm saying is supplies is simple:
♦ Dresses
♦ Scissors
♦ Markers (optional)

Step 2: Step One

I wanted half of the top to be red other side black.
So in photo one we see the black dress turned inside out. I marked where I would like to cut. **Keep in mind I marked my cut line a little farther over than in the middle and cut beside it to ensure symmetry**
In photo two you see my wonderful modeling skills and the red peaking through the negative space we just created.

Step 3: Step Two/Three

Now for the bottom.
I probably should have done opposite red under black (vice versa) and I meant to but the TV caught my attention and I cut out the wrong side.
Nonetheless.. I drew a line down the center of the dress ..cut and then cut it out to the seam on the side.
I did the exact same thing but cut out the opposite side to create red black red black around the skirt part.