Introduction: DIY Harry Potter Magic Wand

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Hi! Wellcome to Do It Like a Boss! Today we're gonna try to make handmade harry potter wand using by drum stick and hot glue!


Step 1: Prepare Drumstick to Use

Okay, I got my drum stick, cut head of it and rub with emery.Anyhow, I don't play brand hero anymore.

Step 2: Coloring Drumstick

Get the dark brown acrylic paint and paint it all the way and let it dry.

Step 3: Give a Shape With Hot Glue

Start to give shape and add some wood texture to stick with hot glue. Don't be affraid to be creative. There is no rules, no musts. Just magic!

Look, I also add some unicorn hair!

Step 4: Coloring Hot Glue

For the depth, paint it with darker color.I used black. With this, this gonna be look like much darker and misterious. Maybe, Snape deserves this beauty, ha?

Highlight it with light colors. I mix light brown and dark brown. Barely paint the hot glue textures and let it dry.

Step 5: Bombarda Maxima!

I wish, Mr Ollivander put a little his magic in it.

This is perfect supplementary piece for halloween costumes and decorations too!

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