DIY Harry Potter Moving Portrait With Raspberry Pi

Introduction: DIY Harry Potter Moving Portrait With Raspberry Pi

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Moving Portrait inspired from Harry Potter Movies. Moving Portrait is built using a old broken laptop. It can be even build using a Raspberry Pi connected with a display or a old monitor. Moving Portrait Frame looks awesome,we can see family photos,watch videos,movies. It has every functionality that a laptop has.

Step 1: Hardware List

Raspberry Pi


Power Supply

1× Photo Frame

Keyboard and Mouse


1× Old Laptop

1× Power Adapter

Keyboard and Mouse

Step 2: Step 1: Installing Display in Frame

  1. Take the upper frame and a piece of color cardboard.
  2. Mark the display dimensions on the cardboard and cut it.
  3. Attach the cardboard to display using plastic tape.
  4. Clean the glass and display and put the display into the frame.
  5. With the help of supporting cardboard fix the display.

Step 3: Step 2: Installing Electronics in the Frame

  1. Take the lower frame and mark the positions for cooling fan vent,head phone jack,USB ports power plug.
  2. Cut the markings.
  3. Put everything in the frame using screws and plastic tape and seal the frame.

This project was created by Mukesh Sankhla and comes from

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    I need help. I would like to have a short video of my wife standing still on a loop. When a motion sensor is activated. It will switch to my wife moving on a loop then switch back to the first loop.
    Also do you know of a filter that can be placed in front of the monitor to give an old looking photograph? I would like to use a raspberry Pi.
    I love your design. Is my idea practical?
    Thank You in advance.
    Ray M.


    Answer 1 year ago

    Yes it's practical, I dont know how to trigger video Play with sensor but with some research and python script it's possible. About the filter you don't have to place any phisical filer just add the filter from any video editing software.