Introduction: DIY Harry Potter Moving Portrait

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Moving Portrait inspired from Harry Potter Movies. Moving Portrait is built using a old broken laptop. It can be even build using a Raspberry Pi connected with a display or a old monitor. Moving Portrait Frame looks awesome,we can see family photos,watch videos,movies. It has every functionality that a laptop has.


  • Old Working Laptop


  • Photo Frame

Step 1: Installing Display in Frame:

  • Take the upper frame and a piece of color cardboard.
  • Mark the display dimensions on the cardboard and cut it.
  • Attach the cardboard to display using plastic tape.
  • Clean the glass and display and put the display into the frame.
  • With the help of supporting cardboard fix the display.

Step 2: Installing Electronics in the Frame:

  • Take the lower frame and mark the positions for cooling fan vent,head phone jack,USB ports power plug.
  • Cut the markings.
  • Put everything in the frame using screws and double tape and seal the frame.