Introduction: DIY-Harry Potter Wand

Hello fellow Harry Potter fans! This is a fun and very easy DIY that anyone can do. It only takes about 30 minutes and is a very entertaining.

(Younger children please have a parent supervise you with the Hot-Glue Gun, for I have been burnt numerous times. IT IS VERY HOT! AND HURTS VERY BADLY!)

Step 1: Supplies

1. A wooden stick- you can find these outside near trees and bushes. Try to keep in mind how large you would like your handle then how long you would like your wand to be from the handle and that will determine how long the stick will be. When picking a stick think about what shape you want your wand to be in, curved like Bellatrix's or straight like Harry's, or your own made up shape.

2. A Hot-Glue Gun- this will be used to add designs and textures to your wand

3. Brown or/and Metallic Acrylic Paint- you will use this to paint your wand, you can make it any color you like but I suggest:
Dark brown
Light brown
Gold metallic

4. Beads (optional)- this is not required, but it does add some cool textures to the wand

5. Exacto knife (optional)- this could be used to peel your wand but that step isn't required

Step 2: Peeling the Bark(OPTIONAL)

You can peel your stick with an exacto knife by moving downwards.
Afterwards take some sand paper to sand it smooth

Step 3: Creating the Wand Handle

Make two thick rings apart from each other, put the first one at the base, and the second a little bit farther than where you would normally end holding it.

Allow to dry fully

Then put a thinner layer in-between your two rings, by smearing it with the hot glue gun tip.You can add designs in-between the two rings as well. Like circles, lines, or even flowers!

Optional- you can also add beads to the rings or the layer in-between the rings

Allow this to dry as well

Don't forget to be creative!

Step 4: Adding Hot Glue to the Rest of Your Wand

Just be creative! Add swirls or make it look like a candy cane, or just leave it plain! It's you wand!

Step 5: Painting Your Wand

To give your wand an authentic look do a dark brown base then slowly add lighter browns by adding whites and yellows using a dry brushing technique*.

*add a small amount of paint to you brush then brush some of it off with a napkin, then paint!

You can also use a wash using watered down paint then letting it dry for a little bit, then wiping away the excess.

Let dry in between steps.

Last photo is which colors I used.

If you are using other color start dark then slowly build up to the lightest color.

Step 6: Your Finished!

You now have your very own Harry Potter wand !

If you have any questions please ask in the comments and I will try to respond to your concern to the best of my abilities.

Hope you have fun!
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