Introduction: DIY HeadLamp

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If YOU want to reuse thing then nothing can stop you .You can make this DIY and crude Head Lamp with Minimum number of supplies,and no effort whatsoever


Things you will need are-

  • Some wire
  • A switchBattery(9V) and connector
  • Toilet Paper Roll tube
  • 4 LED's(preferably White)
  • A small piece of Perfboard
  • Some Velcro
  • And some strap to go around your Head

Required skills

  • soldering(low level)
  • sewing

Step 1: Assemble the Circuit

We connect 2 led's in series and the connect 2 of those arrangements in we add in a switch and a battery.

Step 2: Salvaging Parts

Cut a 3 cm long piece of the Toilet Paper roll tube and From some discarded light fixture get the reflector from it.

Step 3: Making the Head Band

Take the rough Measurement of the length required and the sew on the Velcro on the opposite sides of the band.

Step 4: Finishing It All Up

First place the reflector on the flat side and then place the tube on it,while putting some pressure add the hot glue to it till the brim of the reflector.then place the led's in fixture and then pour in the hot glue.when the glue cools down add glue till the brim of the tube and place the band on it and rotate it.and put some pressure on it then secure the switch and the battery in the same way.

Step 5: Results