Introduction: DIY Headboard Bench

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I have seen many of these headboard benches on Pinterest but I have never been lucky enough to find a headboard and footer together. But after discovering Annie Sloan chalk paint I figured I could mix and match what I had and I could just paint them all the same color.

Step 1: Materials

I started with a double bed headboard and a single bed one. I wanted to make a bench with storage, I felt it would be easier to sell. I used this black board (Looks like Plywood) that I got free from a building site it had some damage and paint on it, but because I was painting it worked fine. I cut 4 Long lengths 1350mm x 400mm for the box and 2 x 400 x 400 for the sides using a circular saw.

Step 2: Putting the Box Together

I pre-drilled all the holes and screwed them all together. I added hinges to the lid.

Step 3: Adding Box to Headboard

To attach the box to the headboard, I drilled holes through the headboard and the box and attached large bolts and nuts. I used some pieces of wood to level the box and support the weight while I made the side supports.

Step 4: Making Side Supports

I measured the width of my box, less the 1cm that it fit into the headboard. And cut my single bed headboard to 390mm using a jigsaw. But I think this step will all depend on the headboard you are using.

Step 5: Adding the Sides

Once I lined it up I realised that there was a gap between the side headboard and the box. I cut a piece of scrap wood and attached it in between the two. I used some scrap wood to cut small blocks to attached the two headboards together. I glued the blocks to the side of the arms and screwed them into the back. You can also router out the large headboard so the arm would slot in. But I did not think of that until after I was finished. I used long screws as well as glue to attach the arms to the box. To attach the leg post to the box I used 2 small hinges. And I did the same to the side panel and the legs.

Step 6: Tiding Up the Box

At this point I turned my bolts around inside the box so the bolt inside is not sticking out inside the box. To hide the hinges which looked a little nasty. I cut a strip of wood and used a hammer and chisel to remove a small section where the hinges go and used a router to take the one corner off, And used a nail gun to attach the wood. I stripped it down again because I though it would be easier to paint the box without the arms on.

Step 7: Painting the Box

I filled in all the holes with filler. I added 2 coats of Annie Sloans White chalk paint, and then screwed it all back together. I used a Nail Gun to add the trim.I ordered some appliques of wish. and painted them with Annie Sloan French Linen. I added a piece of foam from a camping mattress. And covered it with fabric I had left over from anther job. And tidied up the back with some black fabric..

And Ta-Da Finished Product.

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Step 8:

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