DIY Headphone Holder

Introduction: DIY Headphone Holder

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Headphones are nice, but professional headphones aren't small.
If they are on your table, they take much place, if they lie on the floor, you can step on them.
So why not hang them on the Wall?
Headphone Holders costs only 10$ or more, but also you can build your own ... LETS DIY!

Step 1: Princip

This Picture shows the Princip of the Holder.
One Picture says more than 1000 Words ;)

Step 2: Tools & Materials

You need a few Tools to build this Holder, but please be careful, Use Electrical Tools only, if you know how to use them.
You need: a ruler, piece of Alumunium Pipe, Screwdriver, Screws, a Pliers and a Pen.
Tools: Metal saw, drilling machine, a vice and metal driller.

Step 3: Measure

The title says all. 

Step 4: Saw & Mark

Saw the Pipe to the right length and mark the Point where you squeeze the metal.

Step 5: Squeeze the Metal

Squeeze the Metal in the vice, but leave the 6cm part in the middle circular.
More Instructions for this step in the Pictures.

Step 6: Drilling Holes for the Screws

Drill 2 Holes for the Screws 

Step 7: Bend the Metal

Now you must bend the Metal, this step is a bit complicated.
The 6cm Part in that you've drilled the Screw-Holes, must have a angle of 90°.
The 3cm Part, that Prevents the Headphone from falling from the holder, must have an angle of 45°.
But be careful, when you bend the metal when its cold, it will break a little bit, a bit is ok, but its better if you heat it up a bit, then its easyier. Be careful when you heat it up, Aluminium is not very heat-resistand, it melts at 660,32° Celsius (933,47° Kelvin)
For detailed Instructions for this step look at the Pincip-Step.

Step 8: Mount on the Wall

In Plasterboard Wall-Coverings you can use Screws without any dowels or drilling holes in your Walls. If you want to mount this Holder on Wooden sufaces, you dont need a dowel too, but it is better if drill a hole in the wood, that is ca. 1,5-2,0 mm smaller than the screw.
In a stone wall, you must drill a hole and put a dowel in it, otherwise it would not work on massive stone walls.

Step 9: Finish!

Now it's finished!
It Works pretty Good, and i think its very useful :D
It is very easy to build, so i think everybody can make it!
Finally i added some Duct-Tape to it, it looks Better and protects the headphone against scratches.

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