Introduction: DIY Headphone!

easy to make but requires some technological skills inorder to make the head phone.

Step 1: Gather the Required Materials and Look at the Following Videos for Important Steps.

So before starting to make the Headphones you are required ot know the following skills

1:How a headphone works

2:How to solder things together

3:How to make models with fusion

If you have the following skills or knowledge you need to order a diaphragm/driver from ebay or from where ever (WARNING: Do this first but do not buy speaker drivers. ALWAYS ALWAYS ORDER THIS FIRST SO YOU DON'T NEED TO WAIT FOR IT TO COME AFTER EVERYTHING IS FINISHED)

You also require Fusion 360 software in order to make the 3D models as well as a earphone wire you dont use anymore it could also be broken.

Step 2: Step 2: Make a 3D Model of Your Product!

Make a 3D model of the product. If you need help with how a headphone looks like on the inside depending on the type of headphone search up exploded view of a headphone to figure it out.

You need at least 2 more of the parts in the images.

The one I made consisted of the following parts(use the image with the numbers as an example!)Also make two of them as you require 2 of these to make a normal headphone:

2, The second picture pulled up by 5 cm and the triangles pulled down by 5 centimeters. this will be used to hold the driver on both sides of the earphones.

4 The round part of the headphone that contains all of the previous parts as well as the driver and 2 holes for an adjustor and four wires on top and bottom.

1 The top to close the round parts top off to not let the sound leak.

3, a piece that connects to the headband part with a hole that can fit the coil in order to adjust the size

The following parts are shown in the two images after the main headphone part.


2X Coils used as size adjusters this should be able to fit into the holes previously mentioned

Step 3: Step 3: Print It Out!

Print it out (Note the following parts are pure expectation. This is because I did not have enough time to print the parts out due to time limitations for my project due date.It would be amazing to have feedback on the process!)

Step 4: Step 4: Stick Them or Glue Them Together

Glue the parts together. Put the driver in between part 2s. Before doing this you should connect the wires to the driver in order to play the music.

Note: The driver needs to be solded onto the wires. this could be anytypes of wires. but a useful tip is to connect the iphone headphone part.

Step 5: Step 5: FINISHED Possible Scenarios If the Product Had an Error.

The following scenarios are purely expectations as I have previously mentioned, I have not made the product yet.

  • The driver was too big for the headphone to fit in

This could be solved by using a file to scrape some of the extra parts off. (Just in case keep measurements of how much you have scraped off.

  • The driver keeps on moving around.

Cut a sponge into a size and in shape so the driver will be able to stay in place without damaging the parts

  • The wires are working fine, but the music is not playing.

This maybe due to the wires not being well soldered onto the driver. A good way to undo this is on this website below. another brilliant instructable by antitaengbasuraman.