Introduction: DIY - Headphones Wire Length Winder

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This is an update of my first Instructable, showing you just how many things you can make this cord adjuster out of. I basically raided my junk parts bin looking for things to use.

These three examples are made from paper clips, pine wood car wheels, a leash hook, tape measure, mint box, and travel pill case.

Step 1: Things You Can Use

You'll need 4 parts minimum. A case with a lid, an axle, a wheel, and a hook or clamp.

The best things to use for the case are made of non-snap plastic. These include things like:

Mint Containers
Cheap Tape Measures (like my other Instructable on this)
Plastic Food Containers
and even jewelry boxes.

For axles:

paper clips
pen tubes
pencil erasers

good wheels:

model car wheels
pine wood car wheels
tape dispenser reels

Good Hooks:

paper clips
keychain rings

you may want clamp clips and may need a rubber band

Step 2: Basic Assembly

This part varies with every piece you use. But it should be laid out the same as every one of these made.

1. Fasten the axle to the base of your case's inside. This can be done with glue or tape.

2. Put the wheel on the axle once everything is dry (if glue is used)

3. Cut 2 holes on each side of the box.

4. Attach the hook to the lid.

Step 3: Final Touches

Place the spot where the wire splits at one opening. Wrap the wire around the wheel twice and pull it through the other hole.

wrap the plug around the lid hook 2-3 times. Now, you should have a big loop at the plug end. Your audio plug should go into your pocket with your reel tool at your belt loop.

Put the lid on. If the lid fits loose, put a rubber band around the whole thing.

you may have to to some adjusting to the lengths of each side.

Step 4: Test It!

pull on the headphone end. it should pull through as far as it can go.

pull on the loop at the plug end. The loop should get bigger and the buds should retract into the container.

if your device pulls at your ears the straighter you stand, make your end loop bigger by shortening the hook-to-pocket cord length. you'll get it soon.

Step 5: It's Done!

Now your device should work. If you want, you can put a clamp clip on the back and whalaa! A portable cord reel! I hope this makes this reel idea easier to make.