Introduction: DIY Healing Garden

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Have you ever wanted to treat burns, bug bites/stings, skin irritations, cuts, and headaches, without having to buy the medications from the store? Well now you can with the healing garden! You can customize the garden with the plants you might need! If you burn your hand on the stove a lot, you might want to put an aloe plant in your healing garden. If you want massaging oil for headaches, plant lavender! You can also customize the garden the way you want it, so it can also be a decoration!

(I'm sorry for the inconvenience, although the other seeds are in the healing garden, they have not sprouted, and therefor, I have no pictures of them.)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need;

-One bucket

-Enough dirt to fill the bucket almost to the top

-An assortment of decorations

-Healing plants/seeds (I used aloe, chamomile, and lavender)

Step 2: Planting the Healing Plants

Get ready to get your hands dirty! If you haven't already, pour/scoop the dirt into the bucket until it is almost full. Then, perforate (make holes in) the dirt to put the seeds/baby plants. Make sure you read how deep the hole has to be to sprout. Next, put a few seeds in each hole. This will ensure that at least one will sprout. If you are transplanting the plants, make sure to get all parts of the roots out of the dirt when you pull the plants out.

Step 3: Decorating!

Now for your final step, to decorate! I cannot give many instructions on this because you are supposed to decorate the garden the way you want to! Just be creative! And finally, don't forget to water your garden!

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