Introduction: DIY Heart Luminarie

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DIY Cute Heart Luminarie

Step 1: DIY Heart Luminarie


Modge Podge

Small Paint Brush

Small glass of water

Paper heart Template


Variety of Tissue paper colors

And a Empty Candle holder♥

Step 2: Tissue Paper Hearts Cut Out

It explains itself.

Cut a bunch of hearts out with scissors. With the template behind the tissue paper:-D

(Or if you have one of the stamp cutters use that- ;-)

Enough to cover the whole candle holder♥

Step 3: Mix Glue and Paint Onto Glass

Mix equal parts of modge podge in the water until you get a thinner version of glue.

Just until its thick enough but not too thin. You will know its thin enough when it easily spreads on the candle holder;)

Tip DONT put to much water in the Modge Podge or it will be to thin.

Step 4: Apply Tissue Paper Hearts♥♥

Apply your tissue paper hearts.

Use a small paint brush and Paint a thin layer of glue on the Candle Holder. Apply your hearts in a pattern. Then paint another layer on after you have finished a couple of lines:-)

Step 5: Let It Dry!

After completly covering your Candle holder/container. Let it completely dry. It takes about an 1 hour or so.

Once dry you can see your Heart Luminaries shine!♥☼►♫

Step 6: DIY Heart Luminarie!

Put a small candle in the candle holder. Then lite it........TA dAAAAA!☼☼♫ You now have a beautiful luminary!

I will post more instrucables soon! Enjoy, And happy crafting♥