DIY Heated Magnetic Stirrer

Introduction: DIY Heated Magnetic Stirrer

When mixing your own e-juice the worst part is steaping, that amazing smell and you have to wait for it to "mature" so that you can really enjoy your creation. After watching some video's on youtube about speed steaping i came up with this idea

Step 1:

Like i saw on many video's i bought a cigar box from the local auction site

I found a 120mm case fan in an old pc with a nice brushless motor.

It did not fit in the box but a plan was made by taking the fins of.

Step 2:

I found a cheap potentiometer on Ebay so wile i was waiting for that i decided to make the box more respectable.

The potentiometer arrived and i could finish this build

Step 3:

I killed an old hard drive to get the magnets and stuck one onto the
motor, the only glue i had handy was wood glue but if you let it dry properly it works a charm.

I had a bit of a problem because the motor was sitting to deap in the
box and he magnetic pull was very weak. So used one hald of these battery cases, sanded it down to the right height and mounted the motor on it, again the wood glue

Step 4:

Now for the last piece of this puzzle, HEAT. Besides steaping me being
in the cold part and vaping quite thick juice i needed the heat to thin the juice and stir it properly

So in one Youtube video i saw the guy was using a reptile substrate heater. So i bought one from ebay again,

They are nice and thin, and you can set the temp up to 50 degrees. The magnets dont affect it

Here is a time-lapse of the heated stirrer set at 40degrees, stiring my Vanilla Custard DIY for eight hours

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    1 year ago on Step 4

    Very kool stirrer. I’m checking out different designs and features. Funny you mentioned this steeping thing, with the juice. I need to look into that but first I need to get back to vaping. I really need to quit the Butt’s!
    Anyway, I liked your heating answer. Damn why didn’t I think of that?? I’ve got a heating pad for plants, might have 2!
    Good job!