Introduction: DIY Helmet Cam for CHEAP

First off, This can be found:

So ever since I wanted a bike I have been a fan of 13mordeths videos on youtube. He basically vlogs while riding his motorcycle from anything as simple as the day or as complex as rider training. This inspired me to start this myself when I get my bike up and running. The way he does it is that he jams a digital camera into his noseguard and just presses record. Well I tried this, and there is no way my huge face is going to let anything in the helmet but me. The fact that I had to buy a 2x in order to even get my head in one at the store is just a little insight.

Well I went to bestbuy and noticed that they had alot of cameras on sale and some are even in HD for cheap. The flip minos and the others all seemed good, but I wanted something tiny and something shotgun shaped because you see, I had other plans for this badboy.

Step 1: Intro2

I was almost about to leave without a camera and was going to be forced to buy a crappy helmet cam off of ebay that you basically had to plug into a video in of some old camera when I came across the Insignia HD sitting on a shelf in really cheap plastic. My first thoughts were; shitty packaging means I can break it without feeling to bad! Well it was still around 100 bucks.. but if I could get it all to work it would be great!.

I got it home and tried to jam it inside my helmet and it worked, but barely. What I needed was a DIY solution. I needed to mount this camera outside my helmet!

Step 2: External Mic Wiring

All was well but there was a slight problem. I needed to be able to talk to you as well.. If I talked with this on, all you would hear would be the sound of wind passing over the little built in mic. Well it had usb, and I was hoping it had a mic in or there was a way to use the USB to produce a mic in.

Not even close.

I did however find a site that a user was adding an external mic to a Aiptek camera. SOB this was only available online and it was in 1080P. Besides being angry that I couldnt take it back (I destroyed the cheap packaging) with these:

Step 3:

Anyway, the mod talked about adding an external mic jack by modifying the current microphone inside in order to make a circut that when open, would use the default mic, but when closed (also known as: something is plugged in) it will use the external mic. Perfect.

Step 4: Finished

I was happy, and went out and bought the parts needed and wired mine up (3 times& Im not the best at soldiering) and only messed up a couple cosmetics of the actual cam.

Now I could wire in a external mic inside my helmet and talk!

Mounting it on the helmet was super easy. A trip to my local radio shack and some super velcro (superlock strips)

and walla. Helmet cam!

Step 5: Video of It Working.

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