Introduction: DIY Helping Hand Kind of Soldering Station With PVC Pipes

I was looking for a good Helping Hand product for Soldering, but they are quite expensive. I thought of why not build something strong, which is moderately flexible. I have gone through other projects, but they didn't appeal me much. I understand that this project may not appeal to some people on similar lines. But trust me, this is quite sturdy and stable.

As you see the picture of the final product, has a solid base, pretty strong built and two soldering stations attachable.

Looking at the picture you can guess what to be done. However I have 3 part video which explains what I have done.

The parts you require are as listed(You don't need measuring scale and all, if you are approximate guy like me :) ) But I used the measuring foot scale as a material, and not as a tool!

1) 1ft 6" of 3/4 PVC pipe.

2) 1 L coupling for 3/4 pipe (Glue to fix, if required)

3) 1 T coupling for 1inch pipe (Stuff it with something so that your 3/4 inch pipe snugly goes through it. a Tbend for 3/4 inch pipe may not let your pipe to pass through. Just check in the shop if you are buying new ones.

4) Pliers, Drill machine with wood drill bits and circle drills to suit your 3/4" pipe, Hammer, Hacksaw or Jigsaw, Hammer, Screwdriver

5) Wooden block 10x10" or a plywood block. (The essence is to have at least a 500gm to 1Kg weight to support your work and pressure)

6) Alligator clips -2

7) Wooden foot scale or a wooden beading piece of about 1ft length -2pcs

8) Hacksaw (or a jigsaw, if you have)

9) 2" nut and bolt -1, 1" nut bolts 2. 1.5" nut 1, nails 1" 4-5

10) A soldering iron stand (might cost 40-50 Rs)

Now watch what I did. :) . I wish you good luck, if you start this.