Introduction: DIY Helping Hands Soldering Station

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In this tutorial I am going to show how we can make a super flexible helping hands soldering station using basic materials which are low coast and can be found easily in nearby stores. This 4$ helping hands soldering station looks decent and can perform all the tasks that a commercial helping hands soldering station can do.


  • 10 Gauge plastic coated single string metal wire
  • Block of wood (15x30 Cm)
  • Alligator Pins
  • Some different sizes of steel rods
  • Solder Holder (Or) Thick metal wire
  • Solder tip cleaner (Or) A small container with steel scrubber
  • A (7X10Cm) metal sheet
  • Wood Finish Oil
  • 5V White LED Light
  • Hand drill and other tools

Step 1: Making Flexible Arms:

  • Take the hand drill with a long 5mm diameter rod.
  • Mark a point on rod for length of the arm.
  • Take the metal wire and roll on the rod to make the spring.
  • Similarly make few more springs.
  • Take the same metal wire and double it using drill.
  • This double wire is going to act as core for helping hands.

Step 2: Drilling Holes on the Wood:

  • Take the wooden block and mark the positions where you want to place your helping hands, solder holder, lead wire holder and solder tip cleaner.
  • Drill the appropriate holes at the marks you made.
  • For placing the helping hand drill a hole of spring diameter.
  • Inside the same hole drill a hole of core diameter.

Step 3: Installing Helping Hands:

  • Put the cores and springs in the respective holes using glue.
  • Take the heat shrink tubes and the alligator pins.
  • Fix the alligator pin using super glue.
  • After the glue dries position the heat shrink tube and shrink it.
  • Put the heat shrink tubes on the teeth's of the alligator pins.
  • Glue a 5V LED light on a flexible hand.

Note: You can even put a magnifier and a small DC fan on the flexible hand.

Step 4: Final:

  • Fix the container with screws on to the wood.
  • Place the scrubber and put the lid.
  • To this lid make a opening.
  • Fix the solder iron holder and a small rod for lead wire holder.
  • Apply the wood finishing oil.

You can use a commercial solder holder and commercial solder tip cleaner instead.

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