DIY Hobbit Fairy House Sculpt in Polymer Clay



Introduction: DIY Hobbit Fairy House Sculpt in Polymer Clay

This is a detailed tutorial on how to sculpt the same Hobbit Fairy House that is in the thumbnail photo. You will learn how to sculpt polymer clay, split wood and build a fence, sculpt and hammer copper for the door's decorative filigree, create faux moss ground cover, create realistic tree foliage with preserved moss and much more. This is a very involved project and still great for beginners and polymer clay sculptors of all skill levels. C'mon, let's have some fun! Please rate the video, comment, share, and subscribe to my channel full of similar tutorials. See below for the tool and supply list, polymer clay baking instructions and suggested video links. This Hobbit Fairy house is currently for sale in my art shop at - Shop my art today.

Tool and Supply List

Sculpey 3 polymer clay in black or similar available at most art supply stores Pearl Ex Pigments in Spring Green, Silver and Antique Bronze with a touch of Gold mixed in - available at most art and craft stores Woodland Scenics brand Bushes #FC144, Olive Green, faux ground cover - you can get it on Woodland Scenics brand Scenic Glue #S190 also on Super Moss brand preserved Reindeer Moss in Forest Green - get it at 18 gauge Copper Wire - this is craft wire and you can find it at bead shops, craft stores and online Forest Green color or similar acrylic paint if you are using white or a light colored clay to go under the ground cover - Art and craft stores Two basic hammers - find at a hardware store Assorted clay sculpting tools - find at a art or craft store A small paint brush A sharp knife Small to medium sized needle nose pliers - Find these at in hardware store A 3/6 wood dowel - hardware store Instant coffee or wood stain - hardware store or grocery store Pair of scissors

Sculpey 3 Polymer Clay Baking Instructions

Place the house on a smooth, slick ceramic dish. Preheat the oven to 275 degrees. Bake the house for 15 minutes per quarter inch of thickness of clay. Just find the thickest portion of clay on the sculpture, measure the thickness and bake the sculpture for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch of thickness of clay. The oven will not get hot enough to harm the wood of the fence. When the sculpture has finished baking, let it cool completely before handling it.

Suggested Video

How To Smooth Polymer Clay As Taught By A Sculptor

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