Introduction: DIY Gandalf's Pipe.

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Try the Gandalf Style !!
As you all know the Pipeweed its so rare, so In order to enjoy the good taste of Tobacco I made an enjoyable article that helps to relax in the long journeys by the Forest.
Its gifts time and I was wondering how to surprise  a friend of mine that loves the Lord of the Rings Saga and of course the new movie The Hobbits and why not make another one for me.

Step 1: Stuff.

Walnut Seed.
Big drill bit.
Sand Paper.
Thin Holed Branches.

Step 2: Tobacco Chamber.

For the Tobacco chamber I used a Black Walnut Seed from my granpa's backyard.I used a big drill Bit to make a hole carefully that doesn't break the seed.Then put the seed in the Drill and start to sand with rough sand paper then with thin Sand paper, until, the surface take a smooth looking.Finnally I open on the side of the seed a hole where the stem is glued with Wood Glue.When the stem is sticked and after a couple of hours when the glue has dryed I applied Clear Varnish.

Step 3: Stem.

This is on the tricki side because I just dont know what kind of branch I find in the forest that was with a hole in all the branches.I just remove the interior with a wire and remove the inside parts of the branches.Apply Varnish once the Chamber and stem are glued together.

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