Introduction: DIY Home Bicycle Repair Stand

easy sturdy home bicycle repair stand.

What you need:

black plumbing pipes:

(for top of stand)
1 - 2" piece
2 - 3" pieces
2 - 4" pieces
3 - 3/4" elbows
1 - 3/4" T-joint

(center of stand)
1 - 36" pipe

(Bottom of stand)
4 - 10" pieces of pipe
2 - 12" pieces of pipe
1 - 3/4" T-joint
4 - 3/4" pipe clamps
2 - 32" pieces 2x4

5 velcro straps

Step 1: Connecting the Pipes

Assemble all the pipes as you see in the pic. The 12" pipes go on the bottom to support the weight of the bike. It's important to tighten the pipes as much as possible. Use white pipe threat tape if needed. You dont want any movement in the pipes once tightened. Alternativley you use liquid thread sealer if you dont plan on disassembling it.

Step 2: Attaching the Base

Use the 3/4" clamps to secure the pipe base to the 2x4s as shown

Step 3: Padding the Contact Points

protect your frame from scratching against the pipe by rolling pieces of foam mat, the kind used in kitchen cabinets, around the top pipes. Secure with electrical tape.

Step 4: Padding the Contact Points

Do the same to the center of the stand. Mount the bike on the stand to see where the bike's downtube makes contact with the pipe and wrap the tube as before

Step 5: Mount Bike

Mount your bike on the stand as shown

Step 6: Mount Bike

Attach the bike's downtube to the center stand using a rope. I later updated this by using a velcro strap,works much better!

Step 7: Mount Bike

As you can see the bikes top tube rests on the pipes as shown. Use velcro straps on each of the 3 point where the bike makes contact with the pipe.

Step 8: UPDATE!

You can turn adjust the top part of the stand to position the bike on an angle. You can velcro strap the front wheel where it meets the bottom pipe as shown. Great for working on derailers bottom brakets, etc.

Step 9: Tilted Angle...

holds position firmly!

Step 10: Work on Your Bike!

And there you have it. A very simple very sturdy bike repair stand that can hold virtually any bike. I worked on my 30lb mountain bike without a hitch. You can experiment with longer pipes lengths on the bottom if you need more stability but I found this setup to be ideal. Total cost: $30. Now use the money you saved and buy yourself some good bike equipment!