Introduction: DIY Home Stereo With a Car Amplifier.

So i was very bored one day and also sick with the cold. I didn't have anything to do so i'm thinking hey, lets mess with some scrap electronics i had in my closet. I ended up making a small sound system that consisted of 2 woofers and 2 tweeters all ran thru a 4 channel car amplifier.I ran each sub at 4 ohm and brideged 2 channels per sub.I used a 12 volt  xbox 360 power supply,which i will sau in advance does not have the required amp(s) of this amp i used. Doind so may burn your amp considerably fast.But since i dont use this amp anymore I dont mind if it does.

Step 1: Tools and Items Needed

Tools and Items:
Volt Meter
Wire Strippers and Crimpers(you may use a solderign iron but i just used butt connectors)
Screw Driver
2 Pairs of rca's
1 rca to headphone jack
Xbox power Supply(The one i had was 16.5 amps at 12)
Speaker Wire.
2 SVC 4 ohm woofers( i had these 2 mtx road thunders 8" which had pre-fab boxs with tweeter horns and aero ports)
Electrical Tape(Optional)

Step 2: Cut Off Your Male End That Goes Into the Xbox and Seperate and Strip the Wires

Just cut off the end piece and strip the 3 yellow wires(12 volt power) the red and blue wire(controll what mode the power brick will be in) and finally the 3 black wires(Ground Wires). 

Step 3: Making the Connections

Now what i did was twist my yellows together and but a little connector to it, mainly because my amp has screw terminals( You don't have to do this part if your dont want.)Repeat for the black wires.Now the red and blue wire you jsut twist together and tape or cap off.( I used a butt connector.)If you wanted you could try and put a toggle switch into it and be able to turn it on or off buy a switch.

Step 4: Wires and Terminals

Now put the grouped yellow wires into the 12v terminal.Then place the grouped grounds into the ground.The red and blue dont do anything else at this point.Finally you place speaker wire from the 12v terminal into the remote turn on terminal.Tighten all the connections so nothing becomes loose later.

Step 5: Wire the Correct Ohms to the Correct Channels

Now how my amp is i had to bridge each woofer( sits at 4 ohm...actually 3.7 but just round it) into 2 channels to get proper power. And also since my woofers are at 4 ohm i jsut put speaker wire into the positive of the woofer into the positive of the 1st channel.And the woofer negativeto the negative of the 2nd channel. Just repeat for channel 3 and 4.

Step 6: Rcas.

Now just connect the rca's int the correct ouputs then into rca splicers that will allow me to run the 2 woofers on a single headphone jack.Now just plug in the brick and if you have a green light or what ever color yours is on the amp your golden.Play some music and enjoy.If the amp is in protect mode make sure all connections are correct.

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