DIY Homemade Clay Target Holder - CHEAP & PORTABLE

Introduction: DIY Homemade Clay Target Holder - CHEAP & PORTABLE

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What You’ll Need: A Pallet, Nails & Screws, Sawzall or Flat Bar, Pliers, Drill, Clay Pigeons, Hammer, Sharpie, 6 Metal Hangers, Table Leg Hinge Set

1. First off, dismantle the pallet by removing all pallet beams from one side of the pallet, this will be the bottom of the pallet

2. This will leave only one side of the pallet, we’ll call it the top, with pallet beams on it

3. Remove all but three beams from the top of the pallet, leaving you with a beam in the middle and one on each end. Once you’ve done this, reinforce the three remaining breams with a few nails or screws

4. Now take three of the beams you’ve removed from the pallet and place them horizontal along the three remaining beams you just reinforced, these will be the ‘platforms’ for your clay targets

5. You’ll want to make sure your platform boards are flush with the width of the pallet, this will come in handy when we build the ‘stabilitizers’ later on

6. Now take two more of the beams you’ve removed from the pallet, and with the pallet standing tall as if it were already holding the clay targets, use one nail to nail in the beam into the bottom of the pallet (repeat on the other side with the other beam), these will keep the pallet from falling over and should be pointing away from or perpendicular to the pallet. Make sure to use a nail so these can hinge closed for easy transportation

7. Now that the legs are both attached, drill your hinges into the leg board we just attached as well as the pallet, allowing for the leg or “stabilitizer” to fold up next to the pallet when needed for transportation

8. Now, for the clay holders, drill 4 sets of 2 holes on each of the three platforms. These holes will hold the metal hanger holder we’re about to build to hold the clay targets

9. Grab your 6 metal hangers and some pliers, time to make the clay holders

10. First off, cut the hook part off of the hanger, leaving a triangle with an open top

11. Bend the two corners to become 90 degree corners instead of 45 degrees, now you’ll have a square that is missing the 4th side

12. Cut the bottom of the square at the half way point, leaving you now with two equal but separate right angles

13. From the corner of the right angle, mark three inches away from the corner of both sides of the angle

14. Place your pliers on the outside of the three inch mark you just created and bend upwards to 90 degrees

15. Keeping your pliers in place, bend the remaining straight piece another 90 degrees giving you essentially two pieces of wire connected and running closely parallel to each other

16. Do the same to the other side

17. At the bottom of the V you’ll have two ends crossing, you’ll want to bend both of those ends so they too are running parallel to each other running downwards away from the V you just created

18. Do this 11 more times to create 12 total clay holders and place them into the holes you drilled into the pallet

19. Place the clays into the holders and presto, you have a perfect clay target holder!!

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