Introduction: DIY Honeycomb Pin Board

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Those in need of a crafty project to tackle this weekend that will also help them be a little more stylishly organized might enjoy this easy-to-do reader-submitted honeycomb pin board project, which features a simple shape repeated in cute colors that you can hang on your wall and add a little pattern, too.

Project cost: About $20 Total time: 3 hours

Step 1: Materials

What you need
White foam board (3 mm and 5 mm thick)
Double sided adhesive tape
Ruler, pencil, scalpel or cutter
Colored self adhesive foil or contact paper

Step 2:

Draft a hexagon with the compass on the 3 mm thick foam board then cut.

then use it as a stencil to make 24 more pieces.

Step 3:

Cover them one by one with the colored foils.

Step 4:

Stick double sided adhesive tape to the 5 mm thick foam piece and attach the hexagons as you like (you can even have gaps in the middle).

Step 5:

Finally, cut around the board to create a composition of hexagons that are actually one whole (easier to hang) piece.

Step 6:

To avoid holes in the pin board, place pins in the corners or between the edges of the hexagons. Individual hexagons can be used as glass or mouse mats.

Step 7: You're Done.

Now you've got your own pin board made by you. Give yourself a pat on the back.