Introduction: DIY Hoop House Cold Frame for Gardening

I've made several DIY Hoop House Cold Frames, here is one that does not use PVC to support the plastic. It uses concrete reinforcing wire instead.

Step 1: Watch the Video:

We use a right angle grinder with a metal cutting disc to cut the wire mesh, you can also use bolt cutters. Be sure to wear goggles, gloves, and ear protection when using the grinder to cut the mesh.

We used regular 3 mil clear plastic, you can also buy UV stable greenhouse plastic, but its more expensive. This plastic will last several years as long as no tree limbs drop on it, or high winds tear into it.

The square mesh does a great job of supporting the plastic.

You can buy the thermal vent here:

Step 2:

We used a light guage concrete reinforcing wire, it comes in a 5' x 10' sheet here. It is also sold in rolls, i don't suggest you use that. Hog wire, or agricultural mesh fencing can also be used with some modifcations.

It will help if you protect the plastic from the wire at the ends of the hoop house. You can use old garden hose or similar material. And make sure you place the cut end of the wire mesh towards the plywood end, else it will tear the plastic.

I used wire staples to attach the mesh to the frame, and scrap lumber for the corners. Do not just screw into the end grain of the wood, it wont hold.

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