Introduction: Handmade Hot Glue Window Ornament

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This ornament would be a great, simple gift for parents, friends, relatives, and more!

Step 1: Supplies

This simple window ornament will take about 15-20 minutes to make (including time for the hot glue and nail polish to dry).

For this craft, you'll need:

- A hot glue gun

- 4-5 glue gun sticks

- Parchment paper (do NOT use wax paper)

- Nail polish

Step 2: The Base

Cut your parchment paper to roughly 4 times as big as you want your window ornament.

For my window ornament, I traced a rectangle that was 6"x3.5".

Flip your parchment paper over so the side you traced on is facing down.

Fill in the rectangle with your hot glue. Start with small sections. This will give your ornament a smooth, window-like look.

Now, outline your base with hot glue. This will give your base a definite edge.

Add some half-circles with a hole in the middle. Later on, we will thread a rope through these, so make sure you make the holes big enough.

Wait for your hot glue to dry before we move on to the next step. Be patient!

After your hot glue dries, gently peel off your window ornament base. Before you make your letters, flip your completed base over (this will give you a smoother surface to work on).

Step 3: The Letters

After your base is completely dry, start writing your message with hot glue. You can use colored hot glue sticks, and doing this would eliminate one step. I did not have any of these, so I used clear hot glue.

Write your letters directly onto your base. Take your time! The options are endless for this craft! For my window ornament, I wrote "Je t'aime". This is French for "I love you". I also added two hearts to my ornament. You can write whatever you want! You can skip this step, but doing the letters in hot glue instead of painting nail polish directly on the base will give your letters a 3D effect.

Step 4: Painting Your Letters

Once your hot glue has dried, paint over your letters with nail polish. Don't make the nail polish coat too thick, because we want a semi-transparent look. Let dry!

Step 5: Finishing Your Window Ornament

After your nail polish has dried, cut a piece of rope (I used yarn, but you can use whatever you want) to your desired length (about 8-10 inches). Thread your rope through the holes that we made in step 2. Tie your rope and enjoy your homemade window ornament!

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