Introduction: DIY How to Install Bulk Human and Synthetic Hair With Linkies

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Ready to learn how to add highlights, length, or thickness with bulk hair? Doc will teach you how to get your extension on in this video!

For this tutorial you will need:

Follow along in the video for step-by-step instruction!

Step 1: Section

Gather your supplies and place Linkies onto the microneedle. Pick up a section of natural hair with the microneedle, and slide the ring onto the natural hair.

Step 2: Loop Hair

Human Hair: Bend the top of the human hair over just enough to create a loop, insert the microneedle down through the Link, and pick up the extension hair at the fold.

Synthetic Hair: Fold the synthetic hair in half, insert the microneedle down through the Link, and pick up the synthetic hair at the fold.

Step 3: Secure Linkies

Pull the extension hair into the Link, leaving the loop exposed at the top. Using your closer tool, position your ring into place and close down on the ring. Continue this process until you have completed your style.

Step 4: Removal

1. Slide a closed Link into the opener tool.

2. Apply pressure and the ring pops open.