Introduction: How to Make a Wireless Motion Alarm

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Video tutorial on how to create a wireless motion sensor alarm which can be used around the house to alert you of any intruders, animal, visitors, or any other movements on your property. The sensors do run off 120v receptacle outlets. Depending on what sensors you buy will depend on how the field of view for the sensor works. Some can be more sensitive and reach a further distance than other models. This is a great cheap and inexpensive way to protect your property.

Tools/Supplies Needed:

  • wire strippers/cutters
  • drill -drill bits
  • screw driver
  • soldering iron
  • motion sensor
  • 120v exterior/outdoor wire with plug
  • waterproof electrical box big enough for the relay, wires, and door bell switch
  • wireless door bell
  • marrette connectors
  • low voltage wire
  • 120v mechanical relay
  • solder

Step 1: Getting Started

Depending on how many sensors you have purchased will depend on how many how many holes are needed to be drilled into the waterproof electrical box. Drill the holes according to the size required for the sensors and electrical exterior/outdoor cord.

Step 2: Working With the Wireless Door Bell

Split apart the wireless door bell button and determine where the switch is on the circuit board along with what wires trigger the alarm. If required, use a multimeter to test this switch to determine which connections the wire needs to be soldered to. Solder the low voltage wire to the proper location. Ensure the door bell works by crossing the two wires which you just recently connected and finally put doorbell switch back together.

Step 3: Assembly

Strip motion sensor wires and exterior/outdoor wires accordingly to make electrical connections. Connect wires from the doorbell to the relay on the switching side. Install motion sensors and exterior/outdoor wire into waterproof box and connect power wires from exterior/outdoor wire to the motion sensor power wires with marrette connectors. Connect common wires from exterior/outdoor wire to the motion sensor common wires with an extra wire which will go to the relay. Connect switching wire and extra common wire to the coil side of the relay. Now put everything in the box and test unit and mount box where ever you would like.

Step 4: Wiring Diagram

And finally here is a basic wiring diagram for the unit.

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