DIY: Long Lasting Nails



Introduction: DIY: Long Lasting Nails

Many people think that painting their own nails causes a mess, and it does not last long. They feel that by paying a professional to paint their nails, it will not only last longer but it is essentially cleaner. However, a good friend of mines has showed me a way to accomplish professional nails right in the comfort of my home. As well as, it will look neat, last long, and is cheap enough for anyone who is on a budget.

Step 1: Here Are a Few Things You Will Need to Clean Your Nails:

1. Use 1 bottle of 6 fl. Oz (177 ml) of nail polish to remove any old nail polish that you may still have on your nail.
2. 1 metal nail filer
3. Use soap to exfoliate the skin and get rid of any dirt found under or on top of the nail.
4. Water, to rinse your hands after using soap to cleanse your hands and nails.
5.  Use paper towels to dry hands.
6. 1 trash can to put any dirt and the used napkin in.

These pictures above were taken by me with my iphone.

Step 2: Here Are a Few Things You Will Need to Prep Your Nails for Polishing:

1. Use a nail filer to file nails down. When you use a nail filer start from the edge of your nail to the desired length, and get rid of any hangnails that may be present.
2. Use a multi-step-nail buffer to achieve a smooth looking nail. Also, this is a great tool to use because it will make it easier to apply the nail polish.
3. Use a cuticle trimmer, if necessary, to remove cuticles for healthy clean looking nails.

Step 3: Here Are a Few Things You Need for Polishing Your Nails:

1. Base coat
2. Choose a color that you like
3. Use a top coat polish to seal in the color
4. You may use a small piece of toilet paper or a q-tip to remove any excess nail polish. In order to not ruin your nails, wait until nails are dry before removing excess nail polish.

Step 4: Before You Start Painting Your Nails:

1. First, if your nails were previously polished, remove the nail polish for a clean nail to start with.
2. Next, clean under each nail using the metal nail filer, removing any dirt found under your nails.
3. Place any dirt that is collected from under your nails on a paper towel. Then, place that paper towel in the trash can, when you are finished.
4. Then, wash your hands with soap and water for 30 seconds to a minute, making sure that all the dirt is removed.
5. Then, dry your hands and finger nails with a new paper towel.
6. Lastly, place the paper towel in the trash can. Now, take a look at those beautiful nails; you are almost ready to get started!!

Step 5: After You Have Cleaned Your Finger Nails and Hands:

1. Examine your nails looking for any extra skin or any hangnails.
2. If you have any skin that is dead or any hangnails, use the cuticle trimmer and a fingernail clipper to make the nails look clean and healthy.
3. If your nails looks clean and healthy, you can begin filing the edges of your nails to the desired length.
4. Next, use the multi-step filer:
-First, even out your nails. This means make your nals the same length.
-Secondly, smooth nails.
-Then, buff nails.
-Next, shine nails.
-Finally, wash your hands to remove dead skin or nails, from filing of the nails.

Look how beautiful and soft your nails look now!!

Step 6: Add Some Flavor to Those Nails Now:

1. Start by polishing your nails on one hand with one layer of the base coat of your choice. It’s best to get a base coat that says it is a color magnet nail polish, so that the nail polish lasts longer.
2. Place that hand in front of a fan or let air dry.  Be patient! Do not go inside of that bag of Frito-Lay’s salt and vinegar chips just yet! :)
3. Now repeat steps one and two for your other hand.
4. After your nails have completely dried, apply one coat of the color you desire to paint your nails on one hand.
5. Then, place your hand in front of a fan to allow it to dry completely. (Hint: Do not place your hand too close to the fan as to cause air bubbles on or under your first layer of polish, and do not have your hand too far away from the fan, so it will not take forever to dry.)
6. Now, repeat step four and five for the opposite hand and the first hand. Make sure that you apply two coats of color and that they are both completely dried each time.
7. After the last hand has been dried, now you are ready to apply the topcoat to seal in the color. Make sure to dry each hand one by one.

Step 7: After You Have Applied the Top Coat and Your Finger Nails Are Completely Dried, Remove Excess Polish:

1. Pour a little of the nail polish remover on a corner or a small portion of some toilet paper or a q-tip.
2. Gently press against the side of the skin where the excess polish is, and slowly remove it.
3. Be careful not to remove any polish from the sides of your nails, so take your time.
Now flaunt those beautiful nails. You deserve to show the world.

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