DIY: How to Set Up a Fish Tank




Introduction: DIY: How to Set Up a Fish Tank

This is my first instructable so I'm sorry if it isn't very good, but today I will be showing you how to set up your own freshwater aquarium. Aquariums have been a hobby of mine since my grandpa gave me my first twenty gallon tank when I was 6 years old. When he passed away I inherited his 220 gallon tank. For this instructable though, I will be using a Marina Deluxe 10 Gallon. This works for any aquarium, big or small. The basic steps are all the same.

Step 1: What You'll Need

For your tank you will need all of the following:

-a tank

- a cover

-a light

-plants/driftwood (at least three)


-an air pump

-air tubing

-an air stone

-a filter

-filter cartridges

-a net

-fish food and water conditioners

Step 2: Putting Together Your Filter

First you take your filter cartridge(s) and insert them in their slots. Then you assemble the filter pump. First you put the guard on the intake. Next you add the sponge filter(not all filters have them). After that, you attach the water tube. Finally, you put the cover on the top of the filter.

Step 3: Assembling the Air Pump

Take the pump, the tubing, and the air stone, and assemble as shone above.

Step 4: Gravel

Take your gravel and carefully dump it into your tank. Then smooth it down.

Step 5: Attaching the Filter and Air Pump

First place the filter on the rim of the tank. Then bury the air stone in the gravel. Make sure only the tubing is showing.

Step 6: Plants

Stagger the plants around the tank and have one or two plants sort of hiding the filter.

Step 7: Adding Water

Add the appropriate amount of to your aquarium. Be sure to use water conditioner! Amounts for the water conditioner should be shown on container. Start your air pump, filter, and light up and add one capful of water conditioner to the filter box. This will start the helpful bacteria growing in the filters which will result in clearer water, happier and healthier fish, and will boost the filter's ability to clean the water. Let the electronics run for about ten days, then add a few hardy fish (such as barbs). I would recommend Petco for fish because they promise free replacement fish for ones that die. (Fish deaths are common. The fish sometimes have a hard time adjusting to a new environment.) If you want more fish, wait a month or so then add fish that will get along with your existing inhabitants.

Step 8: You're Done.

If you don't want algae growing in your tank, then get a pleco. They will eat the algae from off the walls and ground. Make sure that there is sufficient food for your pleco. If your pleco isn't getting enough to eat, I would recommend getting some mopani driftwood. You can also buy algae pellets.

Step 9: Thank You

If you make this don't forget to click the "I made it" button. Also don't forget to click the like button. Thank you for viewing my instructable!

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    7 years ago

    Funny how everyone says to use plecos for algae. I got a chinese algae eater and put him in a tank that had so much algae you could not see through the glass. He cleaned the ENTIRE tank in less than two weeks!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Before getting fishes just introduce some bacteria to the filter and the gravel and give them about 3-4 Weeks to develop being fed by adding some (quite little) fishfood every day!

    Just take some garden mold or wash out some old filtermedia!

    So you can smooth the Nitrite-Peak, also by adding some table salt as you don´t take natural plants.

    the plants are just plastic, but you could use live plants. Just make sure to use plant fertilizer stuff.