DIY: How to Speed Up Windows XP Using CleanUp!

Introduction: DIY: How to Speed Up Windows XP Using CleanUp!

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Step 1: Open Internet Explorer

Open Windows XP's Internet Explorer 7.

Step 2: Navigation.....

In Internet Explorer, navigate to and in the top right corner of your screen, you'll see a box that says, POPULAR (see pic below....) Click On "Download CleanUp! 4.5.2"

Step 3: Downloading the Proper Files...

In the middle of your screen you'll see

File size: 339,257 bytes (332K).

Available from:

Primary download site (setup program): CleanUp452.exe  ...

Click "CleanUp452.exe"....... (See Pic)

Step 4: Download and Wait

On the security Warning, click RUN

Step 5: Install

Step 6: Run

Run the Installed Program. Click CleanUp!

Step 7: To View How Much Space You Have Left..

Go to my computer and right click on your main hard drive. Click Properties. View It!

Step 8: On Desktop, Right Click, and Refresh

Refresh your system, by right clicking on the desktop and selecting refresh.

Step 9: Log Out and Log Back In.

Log out and Log Back Into XP. The software and instructions used in this instructable has been uploaded below so that (if you prefer), don't have to look for the software. The .exe file (Microsoft's version of a program extension, like mac OS x has .app for applications and software) is below, just click it, download it, and DOWNLOAD THE WORD FILE (IT IS IN .RTF FORMAT SO THAT EVERYONE CAN READ IT WITH WORDPAD OR WORD) AND FOLLOW THE .RTF FILE FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE, AND VOTE MY INSTRUCTABLES! THANKS!

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    10 years ago on Step 4


    the file you added as program is a .tmp file to make it work when downloading chance .tmp to .exe

    Raven Destroyer
    Raven Destroyer

    9 years ago on Step 4

    it's an tmp file if you want to have it chance .tmp to .exe