Introduction: DIY Humidifier

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Last winter in Chicago was my first mid-west winter. Running the heater in the apartment was unavoidable.

However, it did have some side effects. Since the room heater is running all the time, the humidity inside the home will be low. Since it is winter, the outside humidity will also be low. This makes the air very dry both inside and outside of the home.

A quick research suggested that a humidifier can make things better. The better part is, it can be made easily in DIY way.

Step 1: Get Your Components Ready

1. An ultrasonic mist maker - $10.

2. A computer cooling fan - $1.

3. A water container. I used a drinking water dispenser similar to this which I got for $3.

Step 2: Test the Mist Maker

Once you have the components, connect the mist maker to the adapter. Make sure the mist maker is submerged in water completely before you switch it on. This is very important. Doing otherwise will damage the unit instantly.

Refer to the video above.

Step 3: Assemble the Components

Keep the mist maker inside the water container.

Pour some water in the container so that the water level is at least few inches above the mist maker unit.

Drill a small hole on one side of the container. This will act as the humidified air outlet.

Fix the fan on the other side of the container.

Both the fan and mist maker can be powered by the 25V adapter that comes with the mist maker.

Connect both components in parallel to the output of the adapter.

You may need to do some soldering here. If you have a switch, you can add it in the circuit.


Make sure the fan blows into the container. Only then the humid air will come out of the other drilled hole.

Also, the fan should not come in to contact with water.

We are dealing with electricity and water here, please be extra cautious.

Please refer to the above video for the final product.