Introduction: Paracord Bracelet Jig (DIY: I- Tie Pro)

I-Tie Pros are $29! If you're like me, you know a few pieces of wood isn't worth almost $30. I decided to make one myself. I did not take pictures during the process, however I am taking pictures of all the details I am talking about.

Step 1: Materials

Tools- 1.) Table Saw 2.) Router Table (table optional)- 1/4" bit 3.) Drill Press- 1/4" bit and 1" bit 4.) Drill 5.) Hammer 6.) Sanding Belt 7.) Electric Sander 8.) Knife 9.) Tape measure 10.) Ruler 11.) Band Saw (or jig saw) Supplies- 1.) CATV Cable Hook (8) 2.) Marker 3.) Buckles (your preference in size) 4.) 1/4" Wingnut 5.) 1/4" (2" long) Bolt 6.) 1/4" Washer (2) 7.) Screw (2) 8.) Wood- 3/4" thick (I used pine) Note- The wood must be at least 22x7, and have room to cut smaller pieces.

Step 2: And STOP- Table Saw

Now you will need to cut a few pieces out of your wood. One- 22x7" Two- 2x7" Two- 1.5x7"

Step 3: Glue

Now you will need to glue the 2x7's together. Then the 1.5x7's. After that, clamp them together and leave them to dry.

Step 4: Leg Rests

Now you will need to cut out the leg rests. I drew it out with pencil, and cut it with a band saw. (Again, you could use a jig saw.)

Step 5: Adjusting Slot

For this part, I used a router table, with a 1/4" bit. First do the main slot, that goes all the way through. Then do two slots next to it, for a washer to rest on.

Step 6: Drilling

Take the now 2x7x1.5" piece out of the clamps, and bring them to the drill press. You can use a regular drill for this, however due to the ease of use, I used a drill press. Take your 1" bit, and drill a hole right in the middle of your piece. ONLY DRILL AND INCH DOWN. (This makes a spot for your Wingnut) Then take your 1/4" bit and drill in the middle of the hole you just made, all the way through.

Step 7: Sanding

First take your electric sander, and sand down the entire thing- Including the pieces we glued together. Then use your sanding belt to make the curve of your leg rests smoother. Also use your sand belt to sand down the sides of the Wingnut! This will make it fit in your one inch hole later. Note- Don't keep the sanding belt on the same spot too long. It will burn your wood, leaving ugly black marks on your masterpiece.

Step 8: More Glueing

Now you will glue your now 1.5x7x1.5" piece to the very edge of your main frame like the picture. The drill through the bottom into the piece for extra support. Clamp and let dry.

Step 9: Securing Clips

This part is harder than it looks. First, get your hammer, and CATV securing clips out. For smaller clips you will have to carve some of the clip off, to fit two of them in the slot. (Two will make it more sturdy.. Not required) Second, align clips like the pictures. Third, carefully hammer the nails down. ***NOTE*** Notice where the clips are placed. This is VITAL to your measuring. Make sure your clips are placed JUST like that.

Step 10: Assembling Adjustable Block

Now, take your bolt and place a washer on it. Like the picture. Then put it through the slot of the main frame and the block's hole. After that, place a washer on top. Then the sanded down Wingnut.

Step 11: Measuring Marks

Now you will place a ruler on the end of the non- adjustable block- like the picture. Make tik marks every half inch with PENCIL. Do this on both sides. Then with sharpie (or other marker) you make a line all the way across your board. Note- on half inch marks. Just leave a small mark with sharpie. (It will look nicer) After that, just mark the numbers. Another Note- for looks, use a sharpie pen for the Half numbers. (5 1/2, 6 1/2, etc.)

Step 12: You're Done!

Just Hook up your clips to the mounted clips and weave! If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please comment! Have fun!