Introduction: DIY INfinity Gauntlet

This is my first instructable. I have made quite a few things, but have never really had the time to upload them. So here I go.

I actually found out after I started this project that the new Infinity War was coming soon. So that kind of made me feel like I was on a deadline, which was actually helpful, it made sure I got work done. But today I'm showing you how to make your own infinity gauntlet.

I will apologize in advance for the lack of pictures as well as the lack of quality. I did this a while back, and only had photos on my phone. That for some reason would not send them to my computer. So if something is unclear please let me know in the comments below.

Step 1: Materials

For your materials, it should be mostly household items and if you want it to light up, a few less common items.

  • Welding glove (Old or new, mine was disgustingly old)
  • EVA Floor Mats
  • Craft foam
  • Two 20 oz Pepsi bottles (specifically Pepsi)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Heat gun
  • Gold spray paint
  • Scissors
  • exacto Knife

For lights

  • 9v Battery
  • five colored sharpies (red yellow blue purple orange and green)
  • six insulated wires
  • six small LEDs
  • Two alligator clips
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder

And that's it.

Step 2: Basic Shape

So to get the basic shape, take a look at zymurgeneticist instructable. What I did was look at his template, and then free hand the shapes I needed onto paper to make sure they fit, then transferred the design on to my EVA floor mats. Use your heat gun to make the foam keep its shape. Then use hot glue to put it together. One thing I did that he didn't however, was making a palm for the gauntlet, this was made the same way. Then, since my seams were less than beautiful, I cut strips of craft foam to cover them, and then hot glued them on.

Step 3: Infinity Stones

So the next thing you need are your infinity stones. Take your pepsi bottles and cut the little bubbles on the bottom into ovals. You will need to make six of them. Then color the insides with your sharpies. Trace them onto craft foam and make hollow ovals that cover the edges of the stones. DO NOT GLUE THEM ON YET.

Take the craft foam ovals out to a well ventilated area and spray them with a few lights coats of your gold spray paint. I made the mistake of gluing them on immediately. This meant every time I added a layer of paint to the gauntlet I had to mask off the stones.

Step 4: Details

For the details of the gauntlets as well as the fingers you should use craft foam. I did not make my gauntlet a specific version of itself, but took many ideas from the new infinity war version as well as the comic version. Just cut out some shapes that you like and try to make it symmetrical. Then hot glue them on.

Step 5: Paint

All Right. It's time for everybody's favorite part... Painting!

Take your glove out to a well ventilated space or outside if you have favorable weather.

Make sure that you don't apply your paint on thick. Use light and thin coats, and let them dry before putting on another layer. Gold paint takes a good 4 to 5 layers to not have your foam color show through.

When you are done with that go ahead and add your infinity stones. (Make sure they are in the right order)

Step 6: LEDs

So I don't have any pictures of how I set it up, so this might not be a great example.

Take your LED, solder the negative wire of your led to a wire, then solder the positive end to a 221 resistor. And then the 221 resistor to another wire. All of your negative wires should bunch together towards the bottom of your gauntlet, as should your positives. Put small holes under your stones and insert the leds from below.

Twist all of your negative wires together, and do the same to your positive. Then attach alligator clips to your battery. Attach your negative clip to your negative wires and vice versa...

Your LEDs should light up. If not, check your connections and make sure that you have your negatives and positives correct. And then you are done! Congratulations! You just made your own Infinity Gauntlet!

Feel free to ask questions in the comments and post your results. I will answer questions as often as possible.