Introduction: DIY IPhone Camera Microscope

Learn how to temporarily transform your iPhone camera into a microscope! Cheap, easy, and mobile, discover the world in new lens! Look at bugs, plants, or anything you wish to see, amplified! I learned about this fascinating technique at a science workshop. If you want to make your microscope even more fancy, create an effective stand to hold your phone!

Step 1: Materials

iPhone (any iPhone will work)


Laser pointer


Scissors/ sharp material

Optional: stand materials

Stiff material (cardboard)


Ruler/Tape Measure

Step 2: The Laser Lens

First, you pop the laser lens out of the laser pointer. (be careful to not break the lens)

Like so:

Step 3: The Paperclip

Now, take the laser lens and you put it inside the paperclip

Like so:

Step 4: Put Paperclip on the Phone

Now, take your paperclip with the lens and tape it on the iPhone camera (make sure the lens is directly in line with the camera).

Like so:

Step 5: Optional Stand

(Please note: stand will work effectively with a variety of materials. Cardboard, plastic, styrofoam,, or wood will all work.)

Step 1: Take your desired material and cut leg length (the length you cut will be how tall your stand will be) (4x) Fold each of your legs in half for maximum stability then secure them with a piece of tape on the top half of the cardboard. (4x) Note: For extra sturdiness, slightly fold the bottoms of the cardboard going outward.

Step 6:

Now, cut a base slightly bigger than your phone.

Like so:

Step 7: Hole in Base

Cut a hole the width of your phone camera at the top of your base.

Like so:

Step 8: Final Step

Place base on top of legs and secure with tape.

Like so:

Enjoy your microscope! You may take apart your microscope and put it back together whenever you like!