Introduction: DIY IR Car Rain Sensor

parts needed:

1- IR Sensor for Obstacle Avoidance KY-032 (AD-032)

2- 5V relay module

3- any type 12V mobile charger

4- small transparent box to mount the IR LED emitter and receiver(you can get it from an old satellite receiver).

5- universal PCB board

6- box to mount everything inside it.

Step 1:

Remove the IR LED emitter and receiver from the sensor module and solder them on a small piece of the board to fit them in the transparent box, and connect them back as shown in the pictures, keep about 1cm space between them, test and tune on any surface until you get about 1cm distance.

Step 2:

obviously the charger is used to power the sensor and relay module.

Step 3:

to control your wipers with the relay u have to figure out how they work on your car as each car model has different wiring's for wipers, on my car i dissembled the switch and tested it with tester probe and found that if ground connects with washer spray or intermittent switch, the wiper turns on.

however you will see in the first video that wipers sweep once because i was using intermittent switch, but later in the second i changed it to washer spray switch to sweep continuously.

Step 4:

Finally mount the sensor on your car windshield for testing and calibration, but don't touch the

potentiometer shown in the picture keep it centered, this is for frequency control and its factory tuned.

see the link below for more info about the sensor

Step 5:

this the video of the first testing

Step 6:

final results :D