Introduction: DIY Illuminated Design Desk

I always thought that those designer desks with the glass tops and lights were pretty cool. I just moved into my new apartments, and knew such a desk was calling my name. And being a college student on a budget, the cost had to be low. It's VERY simple and VERY basic, but clean and cool.

this is my first instructable. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Buy Materials

I had 2 glass panes laying around

The labels were $1 each, the IKEA Trestles were $15 each, and the 2' Light $10

labels were bought at a dollar store, trestles at IKEA, and the light at WalMart

Step 2: Stick 'em

pt.1 Assemble the Trestles. IKEA can provide instructions on assembly. By the end, you should have 2 sexy thangs.

pt. 2. Paste the labels on one side of the glass pane. I recommend cleaning the glass panes with windex or other household glass cleaners to get rid of grease and dirt. I put 4 sheets on each pane. The pictures may help illustrate. Always apply starting from either one corner or the center, and work your way around that point to minimize air bubbles. Flip over the panes when you are done

Step 3: Let There Be Light

Basically, I wanted the light to be suspended under the glass, in the middle of the panes. I got some wire laying around, and attached them to the light things and trestle. The pictures illustrate the process. after that, put it in, and watch it glow

Step 4: Admire

Sit there and look at how nice a $41 design table looks so much better than a !@#$ing huge and !@#$ing expensive light table thing. Enjoy it!