Introduction: DIY Illusive Table Lamp

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Make your own very first DIY infinity mirror in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Step 1: Prerequisites

You need to have instinct, passion and patience of a maker to make this DIY illusive table lamp. Everything else will be covered in this instructable.

Step 2: Step 2: Collect Your Components

1. Rectangular aluminium support as shown in the given pictures which is slightly curved from the corner.
2. A mirror of any length and width (I chose 12*9 inch )
3. Two way mirror of exactly the same dimensions
4. A wooden block of dimension 9*2.5*2 inch
5. LED strip
6. 12 v power adapter
7. Female power adapter jack
8. Soldering iron and soldering wire

That’s pretty much almost everything.

Step 3: Step 3 : Procedure

Start by pasting led strip on the outer side of the rectangular aluminium support. Make sure you leave one shorter side. Cut the strip from the marked position and solder two copper wires of the length, half the length of shorter side of your rectangular support on (+12 v) and (- negavtive) terminals of the LED strip.

Take another piece of LED strip and solder the other terminals of copper wires to +12v and – terminals respectively. Make sure the polarity is correct.

Now paste the LED strip on the inner side of support covering all the four sides. Take the help of given pictures for reference.

Next you have to take two insulated wires and solder them to the end terminals of LED strip. Connect the other terminals to female adapter.

Finally take the wooden block. Make two slots one, for mirror and another for two way mirror. Now you’ve to stand the prepared akuminium support covered with led in the middle of wooden block. Either use glue gun to paste it or screw it on the block. Now place both the mirrors in the respective slots making sure two way mirror face the reflective side of the mirror.

Plug in the 12v adapter and connect it to the jack. Switch it ON! Your DIY illusion mirror lamp is ready!

For the next instructable..I'll control the colors of LEDs through smartphone.!