Introduction: DIY Indoor Herb or Fairy Garden With Mini LED Lights

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This lighted indoor herb, or fairy garden is already a favorite with my boys. The mini LED lights I strung around the garden tray and colorful birdhouses prove too irresistible. Luckily, this little tray garden is just out of reach. So, safe until the next growth spurt. The herbs fascinate the oldest too. He keeps asking to sample them. Especially, the mint. This lighted indoor garden was so simple to make. You can easily have it done in a couple of hours.

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Step 1: Prepare the Tray

Select a tray that's deep enough for your plants. Then line it with a gardening plastic or just a heavy duty trash bag. This will protect the tray from water.

Step 2: Adding Plants

Put a light layer of pebbles in the bottom of the tray. Then decide on the best placement for the plants before filling in with potting soil.

Step 3: Add Soil and Mulch

After setting the plants, carefully add potting soil and top with mulch or small rocks. This will protect your decor from wet soil, keeps the soil wet longer, and just looks nicer.

Step 4: Adding the Lighting

Cut dowels to size and screw eye hooks into the top. Glue your dowels into the corners of the tray. Then string these lights through the hooks and around the posts.

Now you have a terrific herb or fairy garden. I decorated this one with bird houses, but you can put so many things in this display. Have fun and post pics of any that you make. :)

For full details, follow the link.

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