Introduction: DIY Industrial Lampshade

LED lightbulbs are bright! I needed to find a way to diffuse the blinding light emanating from the 40W equivalent bulbs that I had in my wood block lamps. Here's how:

Step 1: Gather Materials & Tools


  • steel hanger tape- ($5 at hardware store)
  • steel landscape mesh
  • machine screws & nuts (8-32 1/2)
  • rice paper ($3-5 at art supply)
  • L bracket for mounting


  • tin snips
  • measuring device
  • screwdriver
  • pliers
  • scissors
  • hole punch/knife
  • small clips/alligator clamps

Step 2: Measure & Cut

Choose your dimensions.

(I chose to have the diameter match the diameter of the base, which was 4-1/2", and have that equal the height of the shade, to give it a square appearance from the side.)

Based on your chosen dimensions, cut 2 identical lengths of hanger tape equal to 1 hole past the desired circumference. These will be the upper and lower bands of the shade.

Also cut and flatten several lengths of hanger tape equal to the planned height of shade.

Next, while wearing protective gloves, cut the landscape mesh to match the planned circumference and height. Be sure to add a little extra length to allow some overlap at the seam. This will form the framework of the shade.

Be sure to cut closely along the grid line so as to avoid leaving sharp metal wires at the edges.

Step 3: More Measuring & Cutting

Cut the rice paper or fabric to slightly more than the height and width of your landscape mesh. Set aside.

Step 4: Assembly

Roll the mesh into a cylinder and clip to stabilize. Wrap the rice paper, upper and lower bands around the mesh and secure with machine screws.

Note: It is helpful to cut slits/holes in the paper as you go to allow for the screws to pass through.

Step 5: Assembly Cont'd

Attach short hanger strips inside (or out) for stability and design.

Attach one end of the "L" bracket at desired height to the inner part of the shade and the other side to the base.

Step 6: Assembly Complete!

I made 3 different shades using the same basic technique.