Introduction: DIY Infinity Fidget Cube

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Fidget Spinners and Fidget Cubes are quite common these days. Even some people got bored of them too. Then a new toy came up - The Infinity Fidget Cube and this time this seemed quite interesting. I opened it's website and then I got a heart attack !!! Just Kidding. The price of this was 50 Bucks that is way too high for the thing. I did a research and got an idea to make my own Infinity Fidget Cube to fidget in style but in a Budget :P

So, Let's get started. This project's overall cost would be barely 5 Bucks.

Step 1: The Raw Materials

There is a list of the items below that will be needed to make this amazing fidget toy

  • Dice (Yes the ones which are used in monopoly) [X8]
  • Transparent Tape

Only two things.

Coooool B-)

Step 2: Arrange Your Dice

First arrange your Dice in the position (Given above in the image)

All the 6's should face Upwards and......

All the 3's should face towards you

Step 3: Tape It Up [ Part 1 ]

Use the above images for reference

While in the position of the previous step tape the dice as shown in some steps -

  1. Tape two consecutive Dice to each other Horizontally
  2. Then rotate the Front row of your Dice opposite to you and the second row towards you such that the taped faces face each other
  3. Now join two consecutive pairs of taped Dice in the rows
  4. Again rotate the dice such that 6's are at the top. Then, turn the first layer towards yourself and the second layer away from you
  5. Now tape the Edge Dice such that both the Layers are connected

Next steps are continued in [ Part 2 ]

In steps 1,3 and 5 strictly use the images for refference

Step 4: Tape It Up [ Part 2 ]

  1. Bring all the 6's up and fold up the sidemost two columns to form a cube
  2. Tape the 2 Pairs of Dice which are already joined with a tape to give a more secure fit
  3. Unfold the cube 4 times in the movement which it freely allows. Don't apply too much pressure on the joints
  4. Tape the Dice pairs again which were joint earlier to each other on the opposite side
  5. Turn the Whole cuboid Upside down and tape the two Columns again
  6. Fold up the Dice to form a cube and our DIY Infinity Fidget Cube is ready.

In steps 2 and 4 strictly use the images for refference

Step 5: Fidgeting Time

Our Infinity Fidget cube is ready and now you can Fidget in style with Creativity. See my other DIY Instructables too. Do share your Infinity Fidget cube in the I Made it Section down below.

Ask any of the doubts from me in the comments section

Have a good Day Ahead :)