Introduction: DIY Instructables Robot

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Hello, friends, I am Debadeep Das as you may know or for those who may not know me, I run a YouTube channel named Ever-E-Thing. I am also an Instructables creator.

Okay, just leave those intros and let’s focus on the project. Today, we are going to make a DIY Instructable Robot. We will hang it on a wall and it will always show us that we are the 1st prize holders of one contest. That’s just awesome right!

Ah, and one more thing, I hope you will like my DIY idea and if you do so please send me a heart and also please leave a comment in the comments section about what you loved the most. If you do end up loving my project, then please do vote for it in the Paint Challenge. So, let’s just directly dig into the project.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials Required

For this awesome DIY project, you are going to need very few things which you can easily get from the nearby stationery store. The things you are going to need along with their online links are listed down below:

1. A set of poster colors and two water colors- yellow and yellow ochre:

2. A 30 cm ruler :

3. A color palette or plate :

4. Two paint brushes-no. 2 and 6 :

5. A sketch pen (black) for outlining :

6. A sketchbook’s page for painting :

7. A paper cutter or x-acto knife :

8. A bowl or bottle for keeping water :

9. A pencil and an eraser :

Now, if you have gathered all the required materials, then you can slide down to the next step. But wait! Before you do so, you should watch my video tutorial on this project with step by step guide.

Here is the video:

Now, let’s roll onto the next step! Ahoy!

Step 2: Drawing the Big Picture

In this step, first we are going to take the 30 cm ruler and then mark a point of 1.5 cm from each of the sides of the four sides of the sketchbook’s page. Then we have to make lines on each of the four sides passing through the points which we made earlier. Then we will have a rectangle border to make the so-called-frame. Then we can proceed with drawing the big picture.

I used an Instructables Robot logo to draw the picture. Don’t worry about finding the picture, I will put the picture in this step’s gallery or you can even take its screenshot from my video link in the 1st step. Anyways, I first took the yellow colored water color and took one of my paint brushes and started coloring the robot according to the picture. I directly used the colors according to what is shown in the picture to get a real and funny look. Following this, I took blue and white poster colors and then mixed then to get a lighter tone of blue and also a slightly darker than the previous one. I used this color to fill in the medal and it’s ribbons/straps. Then I took the yellow ochre color (water color) and then mixed it with some white poster color to get a lighter tone and then used it to color the hands, legs and head of the robot. Then I took red poster color to fill in the ears and eyes of the robot. Then I took black and white poster colors and mixed them to make grey color which I used to color the wheels of the robot and those little circles beside the medal.

Then, at last, to finish up the coloring part of the picture, I used green poster color to fill in the border we made earlier.

After you have finished coloring the picture, let it dry for some time and then proceed towards the next step.

Step 3: Making It Realistic

In this step, I took the black sketch pen (in the 1st step) to outline the robot. Again, I took the help of the picture in outlining the robot. I also added shade to the robot wherever it was shown in the picture. I also used it to outline the fingers and the pouch of the robot.

After doing so, leave it undisturbed to dry up and then scroll down/swipe down to the next and final step.

Step 4: Finalizing

Finally, in this step, I used my paper cutter/x-acto knife to remove the page from the sketchbook. Now, we are all done here. I hope the painting looks cool and awesome.

It will show inspire you and reflect your artistic ability and motivate you each day to do a nice thing. It will also make you feel better when you see the 1st badge wore by the robot. It will make you feel that you are a winner in your life and you will always be able to succeed in spite of any difficulties in your life. I hope you like this project and if you did then please like, share, comment and support me by voting for this Instructable in the Paint Challenge.

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