Introduction: DIY Inverted Clock (circular Clock)

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This instructable is a nice and easy modification of a normal wall clock, consist of three diferent circle that spins and indicates the time according to a referal line in the middle. i had this consept for a while but i realized that could be done just attaching some circles to the hands of a typical wall clock.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. Wall Clock

2. Paper

3. Tape

4. Glue

5. Scissors

6. Pencil

Step 2: Let's Do It

First you need to cut three different circles according to your clock size, start from the hour hand and cut the bigger circle you can fix in your clock and glue it to the hand, for the minute hand cut a smaller circle making sure that you can see the numbers on the hour circle and make the same for the second hand.

for marking the circles you can use the original image on the clock for placing each number, make sure you count anti clockwise on each circle as shown on the pictures.

for the indication line i put a piece of tape on the glass :)

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